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ALCOTEX is available for both interior and exterior building application. The thickness of aluminum skin is 0.5mm for exterior and 0.2mm for the interior products. The face sheet is roll coated with a PPG finish that contains more than 70% of PVdF. This exceptional finish carries a 20-year guarantee.

The manufacturing process is controlled automatically by our state of the art computer system. The ALCOTEX production facility is ISO 9001 certified and all of our employees are committed to producing the highest quality aluminum composite Panel.

Aluminum Prime Coating Surface Coating
A3000 (density: 2.73 g/cm3)
Chromate more than 70% PVdF coated coil

ALCOTEX is produced under a feed block roll injection system, in which front and rear side aluminum coils are extruded together with an anti-toxic low-density polyethylene filler and adhesive resin. While passing through the rollers, ALCOTEX is manufactured with a high superiority in flatness and excellent adhesive strength.

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