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플래시 시방서

Dae Myung Hwa Sung was founded in 1991 with over 20 years of accumulated technology and experience of sandwiched composition structure from its parent company, Dae Myung Ind. Co.

ALCOTEX was the first ACP designated as an Import-Substituted Item by the Korean Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation (SMIPC) in 1992. Dae Myung Hwa Sung was the first company in the ACP industry to receive KS Certification, ISO Certification and Utummi Certification with ALCOTEX.

The world is rapidly changing and becoming more specialized. To keep pace with such a rapid change, Dae Myung Hwa Sung is dedicating itself entirely to the production of ALCOTEX. All of our energies will be concentrated in improving the excellent ALCOTEX aluminum composite panel.

We are always aware that it is our responsibility to realize the ultimate satisfaction of ustomers and to develop the advanced technology of the aluminum composite panel.

Please have an interest in our company and we promise that we will strive to keep ALCOTEX world class and always be with you as a trustworthy company.

Thank you very much.

Faithfully yours,

G.T. Kim

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