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It may differ upon each dimension. Generally, the available quantity for 20F’ is approxmately 2,000sqm and its for 40F’ is approx. 3,200sqm in case of 4mm thickness.
The minimum should be at least 300sqm per color and width due to the productional facilities. If less, please consult with us prior to P/O.
To ensure panels are kept dry at all times and to protect them against any damage, they are packed by wooden crates. Please refer to “Package and Shipment” in our web site.
Our product, Aluminium Composite Panel’s H/S code number is 7606-12-0000.
The warranty period of exterior is Max. 20 years. All coatings of Alcotex have passed the test of ASTM, and also met or exceeded the requirement of AAMA 605.2. The quality of Alcotex is also guaranteed by KOTRIC(Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry).
If you have color discrepancies in pearl metallic color, we advise you to change the installed panel’s direction. For your reminder, you should keep the direction as our indicative mark in a protective film under installation.
Please issue a L/C at sight for the first deal. Generally, we can arrange to ship your order within at the latest 4 weeks after receipt of L/C. After we setup a good credit, you can T/T to us within 7 days after the date of shipment.
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